SocaCowboy would be thrilled to assist you in all aspects of your adventure travels to Slovenia.  We have a deep understanding of the region and what it has to offer from world class food, wine and lodging and we would be thrilled to point you in the right direction to make your travels always helps to have an inside source...and that is us!  


Below are some key details to assist you in navigating your travels to our waters



- Ljubljana, Slovenia / Joze Pucnik (1.5 Hours from Fishing)

- Trieste, Italy / Friuli Airport (1.2 Hours from Fishing)

- Venice, Italy / Marco Polo Airport (2 Hours from Fishing)

- Klagenfurt, Austria / Klagenfurt Airport (1.5 Hours from Fishing)


We recommend the Village of Kobarid, Slovenia as a great central point to a fantastic fishing adventure. In this beautiful quite town you can find a variety of lodging options from the simple apartment to a world class foodie destination guesthouse. We would be happy to recommend the best location to suit your needs based on our in depth local knowledge.


Most of the Rivers of Slovenia have an April 1st to October 30th season. There are some exceptions which can allow for fishing in November and winter months as well.  The rivers fish well from start to finish depending on your style of fishing.



We highly recommend you rent a car to experience Slovenia. The roads are well marked and all major airports offer this service. There is lots to see and do so self transportation is a must!