With over 35 years years Fly Fishing experience in both fresh and saltwater, I pride myself in providing the absolute highest level of guiding in Europe. I concentrate on the details and want to know my guests before they arrive so I can offer them exactly what they are looking for in a fishing adventure.  Guiding is a life and not a job....I live and breath Fly Fishing and do so from my vast experience and think deeply about what I love in a trip and try to provide you with what I enjoy.


I am a teacher of the art and always will share my knowledge openly and am willing to spend as much time as needed to pass on the torch. I have expansive knowledge of my water and technique and work hard to put you in a fishing situation that is at your fishing level or perhaps you like the idea of a challenge. It is my quest to understand and deliver this to you.  

I only utilise the very best equipment and will always offer my guests my personal Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods perfectly matched to the waters I fish....So feel free to leave your rigs at home and fish with the very best!

In the end my goal is simple....I want you to feel you had the very best day on the water ever... and learned how to fish in my world..and most important I want you to leave feeling your guide is now a friend for life. Join me!!!!   Matthew Calderaro