Guided Fly Fishing Trips across Slovenia

Soca Cowboy is excited to be able to offer guided fly fishing trips From April 1st to November 30th!

One of the best aspects of fishing in Slovenia is the abundance of fishing options. Guiding on multiple rivers covering a vast area in Slovenia. We cater our trips to our clients' needs to ensure that their time on the water is relaxing, enjoyable, and most importantly, memorable. So whether you are looking for a half day outing, or a multi-day fly fishing adventure, anything is possible.

Below you find fly fishing trip options, as well as their associated costs. To maintain a quality experience for all of our clients, we try to keep the guide to client ratio at 1:2. All trips go out rain or shine, unless conditions are deemed unsafe by the guide.  


Guided trips include:

- Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods with Cheeky Reels and Monic Lines.

- All Leaders, Flies and needed Terminal Tackle.

- Drinks and Lunch on Full Day Trips.



Full day fly fishing trips will typically last from roughly 8am – 5pm. 

300€ / 2 Anglers 450€ (Day Cards not Included)


With our vast knowledge of our fishing waters we would be thrilled to design you a multi day adventure including lodging options.




Day ticket information

Fly Fishing in Slovenia Ticket Prices can vary based on the club waters you are fishing. The average daily ticket will cost around 60€ a day.

There is a discount with multi-day card purchases. The Cowboy will assist you in all ticket needs.


Soča is the biggest of our rivers, springing from the alpine valley of Trenta. The top part is mainly trout water. It flows through the picturesque gorge to the confluence with Lepena river. There also grayling joins the fish species in the river. It then gradually flows by Bovec and Čezsoča until it enters a narrower valley under Srpenica. There the flow builds up between large boulders, catching its breath in deep pools, before mellowing down by Kobarid, where the valley widens considerably. Here also the chub and barble join the already rich fish life of the river. There it starts to meander through the white sands, flowing softly towards Tolmin. After the confluence with Tolminka it enters a 7km long reservoir for HPP Doblar. In its depths live the largest marble trout as well as other fish species of our area.

Its uppermost part is managed by the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia. From Čezsoča to the confluence with Vogeršček, under the dam at Podselo its managed by the Angling club of Tolmin.


(Salmo trutta marmoratus )

The Marble trout is an endemic species of the Adriatic watershed. It grows considerably larger than other species of fish in our waters. The biggest specimens documented were over 120 cm (47') long and weighed over 20 kg (44 lb). It is discernible from other trout by its unique marble pattern and a disproportionally large head which takes a quarter of its full body length. It feeds on aquatic insects, but mainly on other fish.

Because of its size and elusive nature the "Marble" is very sought after and is considered a true achievement of every fly fisherman.

Season: April 1st - September 30th



The SocaCowboy has over 35 years Fly Fishing experience in both fresh and saltwater. I pride myself in providing the absolute highest level of guiding in Europe. We concentrate on the details and want to know our guests before they arrive so we can offer them exactly what they are looking for in a fishing adventure.  Guiding is a life and not a job....He lives and breaths Fly Fishing and do so from his own experience and think deeply about what we love in a trip and try to provide you with what we enjoy.

He is a  teacher of the art and always will share his knowledge openly and is willing to spend as much time as needed to pass on the torch. He is a master of the water and technique and works hard to put you in a fishing situation that is at your fishing level or perhaps you like the idea of a challenge. It is his quest to understand and deliver this to you.  

Only utilising  the very best equipment and will always offer our guests his personal Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods perfectly matched to

the waters he fishes....So feel free to leave your rigs at home and fish with the very best!

In the end his goal is simple....He wants you to feel you had the very best day on the water ever... and learned how to fish his world..and most important he wants you to leave feeling your guide is now a friend for life. Join 



SocaCowboy would be thrilled to assist you in all aspects of your adventure travels to Slovenia.  We have a deep understanding of the region and what it has to offer from world class food, wine and lodging and we would be thrilled to point you in the right direction to make your travels always helps to have an inside source...and that is us!  


Below are some key details to assist you in navigating your travels to our waters



- Ljubljana, Slovenia / Joze Pucnik (1.5 Hours from Fishing)

- Trieste, Italy / Friuli Airport (1.2 Hours from Fishing)

- Venice, Italy / Marco Polo Airport (2 Hours from Fishing)

- Klagenfurt, Austria / Klagenfurt Airport (1.5 Hours from Fishing)


We recommend the Village of Kobarid, Slovenia as a great central point to a fantastic fishing adventure. In this beautiful quite town you can find a variety of lodging options from the simple apartment to a world class foodie destination guesthouse. We would be happy to recommend the best location to suit your needs based on our in depth local knowledge.


Most of the Rivers of Slovenia have an April 1st to October 30th season. There are some exceptions which can allow for fishing in November and winter months as well.  The rivers fish well from start to finish depending on your style of fishing.



We highly recommend you rent a car to experience Slovenia. The roads are well marked and all major airports offer this service. There is lots to see and do so self transportation is a must!


The Soca Cowboy 


*  Twenty-Five years Professional Guiding Experience in both     Fresh and Saltwater in Three Countries 

*   FFF Certified Casting Instructor

*   Worldwide Fly Fishing Presentation Speaker

*   Ex Rod and Reel designer for major US company

*   Owner and Operator of Three Fly Fishing businesses

*   Published Fly-Fishing Writer

*   Passionate Ambassador of the Art and Consummate Educator

Fly Fishing for some is a hobby....for me it is my life.  Having also worked for Disney and The Ritz-Carlton I fully understand how to provide a level of service on the river that is at the highest level and anticipates your every need. Guiding is about understanding your guest as quickly as possible and creating an experience that will be memorable, safe and nothing short of spectacular.  The river is a tool and understanding how to use that tool to meet every guests expectations takes time..effort and history.  If you travel a long distance to fish spectacular water make a guiding choice that is worth it....Life is short and our time on the water is shorter so expect and seek the best.  Join me...I would be thrilled to take you fishing!!!!





Guided Trip Specifics and Questions

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